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Reasons to choose US

Factory Direct Supply
R & amp; d, production, sales, service four-bit one, one stop to solve food safety testing problems
Comply with GB
The use of national standard detection method, fast, high precision, excellent quality


Relying on colleges and universities
Cooperate with major agricultural colleges and universities, excellent technology, R & amp; d customization, product update fast
Focus on food testing
Focus on food safety testing, people-oriented, service first
Engineering Case
Shandong antai intelligent technology co., ltd.
Shandong antai intelligent technology co., ltd. is located in the beautiful kite capital of Weifang, office address in Weifang Kuiwen District Xinhualu No. No. 5580. Shandong antai intelligent technology co., ltd. as a food safety rapid testing products supporting services company, based on food safety demonstration City Weifang, food safety demonstration province, Shandong Province, business throughout the country's 30 provinces, more than 200 prefecture-level cities, in Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other more than 20 provinces have offices or branches, has accumulated a wealth of food safety rapid testing technology programming, testing program implementation, after-sales service and other experience, and effectively provide customers with comprehensive food safety solutions. The company has been committed to food and drug rapid testing equipment research and development, food safety rapid detection system design, food safety fast Inspection room construction, food safety agricultural IoT construction and maintenance, agricultural information construction and biosafety monitoring and control. Operating thousands of kinds of food safety testing equipment and supporting: pesticide residue detector, food safety rapid testing equipment, food safety testing box, water quality analyzer, meat detector, veterinary drug residue detector, intelligent food Safety detector, Intelligent Comprehensive Analyzer, food safety intelligent detection All-in-one machine, safety testing equipment, information transmission equipment, Biological operation equipment, ecological instruments, food safety IoT construction supporting, computer electronic equipment, and relying on agricultural institutions to provide customers with personalized instrument operation equipment development, consulting and other services, is committed to providing customers with overall solutions. Product Features: 1) One machine multi-use, detection items can be set according to user needs 2) Flexible matching of testing items and instruments to meet customer needs in different fields 3) The use of national standard testing methods, fast, high precision, excellent quality 4) factory Direct supply, good technical and after-sales protection, can achieve personalized customization 5) Food Safety rapid testing instrument according to the supervision of the circulation of food safety characteristics and different market demand in various cities, tailor-made. Catering Services Food safety testing box according to the requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration for food Safety supervision of catering services, and the characteristics of actual catering services everywhere, carefully designed food safety testing program for catering services. At present, the main services of the company's products are: industrial and commercial administration system, food drug testing system, agricultural system, animal husbandry and aquatic system, urban food and safety system, quality inspection system, circulation industry, the province's major universities, agricultural science research institutes, catering industry, food processing industry, wholesale market, retail market, Major units or school canteens, etc. involving analysis, inspection, system integration of enterprises and institutions.
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