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What is the detection range of the Integrated food safety detector?

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. R & amp; D and production ofIntegrated Food Safety Detectoris based on China's newly promulgated standard methods of food testing, combined with a faster detection process, with the national standard as the basis of a comprehensive research and development of a relatively high performance of the product, our integrated food safety detector can be relatively fast quantitative detection of harmful components in food and food additives and other content, so that detection more accurate, Easier to operate and enable the detection data Upload Monitoring Center or platform. An important parameter to judge the performance of an integrated food safety detector is to look at the range of the integrated food Safety detector that can be detected, so today we are going to introduce our integrated food safety detector. What are the detection ranges?

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. for the Integrated Food Safety detector has many years of R & amp; D and production experience, we continue to improve our products, can detect more and more substances. Our Integrated food safety detector can be hung in food, nitrite, nitrate, hydrogen peroxide, sweetener, edible oil peroxide value, edible oil acid price, formaldehyde, borax, metal lead, metal mercury, metal chromium, metal arsenic, metal cadmium, saccharin (sodium), lemon yellow, sunset yellow, amaranth red, rouge, seductive red, bright blue, The content of indigo, histamine, salt-based nitrogen, malondialdehyde in lard, iodized salt content, industrial methanol, ethanol, total acid of soy sauce, total acid of vinegar, benzoyl peroxide, aluminum in flour, Chen grain, rice freshness, milk protein, powdered milk protein, tea polyphenols and other food additives and food safety inspection items were tested relatively quickly. Our integrated food safety detectors can also be paired with a number of food safety monitoring systems for the testing of other substances.

Purchase of integrated food safety detector not only to detect more products, more important is to be able to detect accurate and quality stability, we Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. R & amp; D and production of integrated food Safety detector has quality assurance, welcome to buy.