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What are the characteristics of an integrated food safety detector?

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. R & amp; D and production ofIntegrated Food Safety Detectoris based on China's newly promulgated standard methods of food testing, combined with a faster detection process, with the national standard as the basis of comprehensive research and development of high performance products, integrated food safety detector can be relatively fast quantitative detection of harmful components in food and food additives and other content, so that detection is more accurate, easier to operate, and the implementation of detection data upload monitoring Center or platform. Our Integrated food Safety detector has the following characteristics:

1, more accurate quantitative analysis

Can be relatively fast quantitative or qualitative detection of dozens of kinds of projects, and by comparing with the built-in standards, automatically determine whether the results are qualified. You can fully cover your daily inspection projects, and you can extend other projects as well.

2, light source drive process

Good stability, good detection accuracy.

3, the operating platform is more reasonable, graphical operation interface

Integrated food Safety detector using friendly, beautiful man-machine interface, simple learning can be started, can be more convenient to use.

4, multi-channel design, detection efficiency increased

12 individual detection units with high detection efficiency and no interference.

5, large size LCD color touch screen

Display clear and intuitive, light touch operation, easy to use.

Our Integrated food Safety detector has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to food processing, production, circulation and other fields, and is widely used in various testing centers, food and drug management departments, agriculture, livestock, food processing plants, farmers ' markets, large supermarkets, catering institutions, hotels, In many universities and research institutes, our food safety detectors will also be used as scientific tools or teaching equipment, and integrated food safety detectors can be combined through the needs of our customers. Welcome to choose our products.

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