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Sulfur Dioxide Testing Reagents
Sulfur Dioxide Testing Reagents
Sulfur Dioxide Testing Reagents

"Product name" chlorine dioxide rapid detection reagent

"Product use" Product Description: can quickly detect silver ear, lotus seed, Longan, lychee, rice flour, shrimp, fans, preserves, preserved fruit and other Chinese herbal medicines in the content of sulfur dioxide.

Reagents not formulated in "storage conditions" shall be frozen and preserved, and the prepared reagents shall be stored in 0~5℃ refrigeration.

"Product Specifications"

100 Times/Box

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to food and drug rapid Testing equipment R & amp; d and food safety fast inspection room construction, agricultural information construction and biosafety monitoring and control, computer information system integration business and so on, related product management, training, service and other business. Operating thousands of kinds of food safety testing instruments and supporting: Rapid testing instruments, safety testing equipment, information transmission equipment, biological operation equipment, ecological instruments, office equipment, computer electronic equipment and so on, and relying on institutions to provide customers with personalized instrument operation equipment development, consulting and other services, is committed to providing customers with overall solutions.