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Automatic Pesticide Residue Detector
Automatic Pesticide Residue Detector
Automatic Pesticide Residue Detector

Automatic Pesticide Residue DetectorDetection principle and scope of application

Pesticide residue detector developed according to the national standard gb/t5009.199-2003, mainly used for rapid detection of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides in vegetables, fruits, tea, grain, water and soil, applicable to all levels of food safety testing Institutions laboratory and site law enforcement use, In addition, it can also be used for fruit and vegetable tea production base and agricultural wholesale sales market on-site testing, restaurants, canteens, household fruits and vegetables before processing safety speed measurement, etc.

Product features of fully automatic pesticide residue detector

1. Wavelength configuration: 340, 410, 450, 510, 546, 630 and other wavelengths can be selected individually or in combination;

2. Reagent position: 32 reagent position;

3. Sample location: 31 Sample locations;

4. Detection channel: 40 detection channels, can test multiple samples at the same time, each sample by the program control work separately, will not interfere with each other;

5. Add sample needle: With liquid surface detection function, anti-crash pin protection function;

6. Cleaning: The instrument has automatic cleaning function, convenient and fast;

7. The reaction temperature can be adjusted by software to progenitor the reaction demand;

8. Power supply: AC100-240V,50/60Hz,102W;

9. Fully automatic sampling, adding reagents, instead of manual operation;

10. Reach the network data docking.