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What are the characteristics of multi-channel pesticide residue detector?

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd.Multi-channel pesticide residue detectoris developed according to the national standard gb/t5009.199-2003, mainly used in vegetables, fruits, tea, grain, water and soil phosphorus and carbamate pesticides detection, compared to all levels of food hygiene testing Institutions Laboratory and site law enforcement use, In addition, can also be used in fruit and vegetables and tea production base, can also be used in the wholesale sales market of agricultural and marketing site testing as well as restaurants, canteens, household fruit and vegetable processing before the sanitary speed measurement.

Product features of multi-channel pesticide residue detector:

1, with 24 detection channels, large screen color LCD touch screen, with both Chinese and English to display the measurement results at the same time, the reading is accurate and intuitive.

2, the instrument has the detection of phosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues.

3, the sample pretreatment comparison is convenient and fast, can detect 4 kinds of reagents, and the single sample determination time is less than 15 minutes, more suitable for large quantities of sample parallel simultaneous detection.

4, can be negative and positive automatic judgment, detection data, the realization of the qualitative speed comparison is fast, can quantitatively analyze the double combination, increase the detection speed and operation rapidity.

5, multi-channel pesticide residue detector is the use of Android operating system, with a flat panel display, the measured data can be uploaded to the monitoring platform, without GPRS function can be networked to achieve the transmission of detection data, to provide access control platform network detection, real-time monitoring of interface data.

6, can meet the provisions of national standards, to meet the testing requirements. Provide a test report.

7, high degree of intelligence: self-testing project related procedures, intelligent operation, do not need programming can enter the test state and automatic calculation results, the instrument can automatically diagnose system failure, instrument boot are light source, power supply, line self-test, do not need the same type of instrument manual tuning. can display the performance of the instrument in real time, the degree of automation is relatively high.

8, multi-channel pesticide residue detector built-in miniature thermal printer, do not need to replace the Ribbon, can automatically print detection data and results, display detection time, detection number, sample name, detection personnel, detection data, results judgment and other detailed data.