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What are the characteristics of pesticide residue detector?

Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. R & amp; D and production ofPesticide Residue DetectorOver the years in the market has become more and more high, has been a lot of users like and favor, then today we come to share with you the characteristics of pesticide residue detector?

1, multi-channel design, detection efficiency increased

12 individual detection units with high detection efficiency and no interference.

2, more accurate quantitative analysis

Can be relatively fast quantitative or qualitative detection of dozens of kinds of projects, and by comparing with the built-in standards, automatically determine whether the results are qualified. It is better to cover daily inspection projects, and other projects can be extended.

3, display mode: Chinese LCD touch screen display, humanized Chinese operation interface, reading intuitive, simple.

4, pesticide residue detector printer using high-speed thermal printing, can choose manual printing or automatic printing, printing format for the detection of human name, absorbance difference, detection time, testing mechanism, sample name and results determination.

5, the light source using foreign high-brightness light-emitting diode, high precision comparison, strong stability, controllable light source, can turn off the use of light source, lower power consumption.

6, data transmission methods have wireless WiFi, USB interface and RS232 interface, etc., can be more convenient and a variety of peripheral devices connected to facilitate data storage transfer, network upload and so on. Realize data query, browse, analysis, statistics, printing and so on.

7, high degree of intelligence, pesticide residue detector with self-test function, with post and 0 point adjustment function, with the function of automatic detection of repeatability.

8. Acetylcholinesterase and butyl cholinesterase reagents can be used in accordance with national standards and the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture.

9, automatically determine whether the sample is qualified, the test results are relatively intuitive.

10, pesticide residue detector has more than 100 vegetable name database, click can be used directly. You can edit the name of the vegetable and print the name of the vegetable directly.

11, pesticide residue detector has its own protection function, can set user name and password, do not allow non-workers to operate.

12, pesticide residue detector by DC power supply, stable system, can be equipped with 2A lithium battery charger.