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What are the advantages of a comprehensive food safety detector?

  Food Safety Comprehensive DetectorWeifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. produced and developed an instrument for the detection of pesticide residues in food, over the years in the market has become more and more large, has been a lot of consumers like and favor, which is mainly due to our food safety comprehensive detector has the following advantages:

1, more accurate quantitative analysis

Can be relatively fast quantitative or qualitative detection of dozens of kinds of projects, and by comparing with the built-in standards, automatically determine whether the results are qualified. You can fully cover your daily inspection projects, and you can extend other projects as well.

2, light source drive process

Good stability, good detection accuracy.

3, the operating platform is more reasonable, graphical operation interface

Food safety Comprehensive testing instrument using friendly, beautiful man-machine interface, simple learning can be started, can be more convenient to use.

4, multi-channel design, detection efficiency increased

12 individual detection units with high detection efficiency and no interference.

5, large size LCD color touch screen

Display clear and intuitive, light touch operation, easy to use.

6, more complete pre-processing equipment

Food Safety Comprehensive detector supporting pre-treatment equipment, do not need to purchase separately, to provide users with convenience.

7, a variety of communication modes

Food Safety Comprehensive detector data transmission mode has wireless WiFi, USB interface and RS232 interface, etc., can be more convenient and a variety of peripheral devices connected to facilitate data storage transfer, network upload and so on.

8, built-in high-capacity battery

High-capacity lithium battery, 8-hour power supply to ensure that no power input environment for on-site testing.

9. Wired and wireless networking features

Support the transmission of network data, synchronize the detection results into the system, to achieve real-time monitoring and early warning purposes.

10, to provide a variety of printing selection mode

A comprehensive food safety detector can support automatic printing, manual printing, and selection of printing.