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What is the working principle of pesticide residue detector?

We develop and producePesticide Residue Detectoris based on the national standard gb/t5009.199-2003 developed a pesticide residue testing equipment, mainly used in vegetables, fruits, tea, food, water and soil phosphorus and carbamate pesticides detection, there are many laboratories and food hygiene testing agencies will use it, this equipment volume comparison is small, Can make the site law enforcement personnel more convenient to carry out inspection, so can be in the farmers market, stalls, restaurants, canteens and household fruits and vegetables before processing testing.

How the pesticide residue detector works:

Pesticide residue detector with acetylcholine as substrate, under the action of Acetylcholinesterase, acetyl choline hydrolysis into sulfur choline and acetic acid, sulfur choline and disulfide double P-aminobenzoic acid to produce a color reaction, so that the reaction solution is yellow, at a specific wavelength 410nm has a relatively large absorption peak. If the sample contains phosphorus and carbamate pesticides, the activity of Acetylcholinesterase is suppressed, its hydrolysis is weakened, the resulting sulfur choline is reduced accordingly, and the reaction fluid is lighter. By using the instrument, the enzyme activity can be measured directly to the degree of pesticide suppression (expressed by inhibition rate), and the formula is calculated:

Inhibition rate (%) = (δa C-δa S)/δa cx100%

This can determine whether the sample of agricultural residues exceeded the standard.

In the calculation formula:

The change value of 3min absorbance in the reaction of Δa c--control solution.

Δa s--sample solution reacts with the change value of 3min absorbance.

The above is the characteristics and working principle of pesticide residue detector, pesticide residue detector is Weifang Antai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. production and research and development of a food pesticide residue testing equipment, over the years in the market has become more and more large, has been a lot of consumers like and favor, we will continue to increase their own R & amp; d investment in the future, To create more and better products to serve everyone.