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What are the performance and process parameters of the food safety detector?

Food Safety DetectorThe performance of the introduction:

1, food safety detector can be relatively fast to check out a variety of food substances, such as formaldehyde, hanging white block, sulfur dioxide, nitrite, hydrogen peroxide, borax, pesticide residues, milk and dairy products in the protein content, the instrument reserved other project testing procedures and ports, according to future demand can be convenient to increase the detection project independently.

2, multi-channel design, detection efficiency increased:

12 individual detection units with high detection efficiency and no interference.

3, display mode: Chinese LCD touch screen display, humanized Chinese operation interface, reading intuitive, simple.

4, pesticide residue detector printer using high-speed thermal printing, can choose manual printing or automatic printing, printing format for the detection of human name, absorbance difference, detection time, testing mechanism, sample name and results determination.

5, the light source using foreign high-brightness light-emitting diode, high precision comparison, strong stability, controllable light source, can turn off the use of light source, lower power consumption.

6, data transmission methods have wireless WiFi, USB interface and RS232 interface, etc., can be more convenient and a variety of peripheral devices connected to facilitate data storage transfer, network upload and so on. Realize data query, browse, analysis, statistics, printing and so on.

7, high degree of intelligence, pesticide residue detector with self-test function, with post and 0 point adjustment function, with the function of automatic detection of repeatability.

8, automatically determine whether the sample is qualified, the test results more intuitive.

9 、 Optional Function:

1) The data can be transmitted wirelessly to the mobile phone or designated network through the GPRS module.

2) 5 "touch screen or 7 inch touch screen, the instrument defaults to 5 inch screen.

3) The Instrument plus the realization of its own heating function.

4) can be configured with large capacity lithium battery.

Process parameters of food safety detector:

1, agricultural residues: detection of the lower limit: inhibition rate of 5%, detection range: Inhibition rate (0~100)%.

2, Formaldehyde: Check out the lower limit: 1mg/kg, detection range: (0~100) mg/kg.

3, nitrite: Check out the lower limit: 1mg/kg, detection range: (0~100) mg/kg.

4, sulfur dioxide: Check out the lower limit: 1mg/kg;5mg/kg, detection range: (0~100) mg/kg; (0~500) mg/kg.

5, hanging white block: Check out the lower limit: 5 mg/kg, detection range: (0~500) mg/kg.

6, Protein: Check out the lower limit: 0.5%, detection range: (0~50)%.

7, Borax: Check out the lower limit: 5 mg/kg, detection range: (0~100) mg/kg.

8, hydrogen peroxide: Check out the lower limit: 5 mg/kg;10 mg/kg;100 mg/kg, Food safety Detector detection range: (0~500) mg/kg; (0~1000) mg/kg; (0~10000) mg/kg.